The future starts now : Annual Report 2019 : Impulse Programme for the Circular Economy Rijkswaterstaat

What steps has Rijkswaterstaat taken in the field of circular working in 2019? What works well and where do we need to step up our efforts? You can read everything in this annual report on the Impulse Programme for the Circular Economy. It is intended for everyone who wants to achieve something or feels that circularity is something that has to be embraced: colleagues from Rijkswaterstaat, other government agencies, research centres or private parties. New in this report is the focus on climate neutrality, i.e. the ambition to have zero impact on the climate in all our work – including that of our contractors. We want to work in a circular and climate-neutral way by 2030. Both ambitions reinforce each other. More high-quality recycling of materials, an important principle of the circular economy, means less CO2 emissions and therefore less of an impact on the climate. On the other hand, working on climate neutrality stimulates the circular transition. It is therefore logical that these ambitions go hand in hand.

Datum rapport
1 februari 2020
Brookhuis, N., Chahboun, L., Crielaard, M., Flapper, J., Hoog Antink, E., Klauw, M. van der, Klein Kranenburg, J., Knopperts, F., Nagel, J., Offenbeek, B. van, Olst, K. van, Peddemors, R., Poortinga, M., Reis Leffers, J., Ruiter-Boerkamp, M., Schut, E., Valk, R., Vorstman, C., Willems, M., Woude, M. van der
Rijkswaterstaat, Ministerie van Infrastructuur en Waterstaat, Rijkswaterstaat Water, Verkeer en Leefomgeving (RWS, WVL)