Hydraulic engineering works for thebenefit of navigation in the new Rotterdam harbours

The completion of the new harbours west of Rotterdam, known as the Europoort complex has made it necessary to extend the navigation aids in the area. Lighline towers, harbour light at the end of the moles and a radar tower are belonging to these aids. Seeing that the total member of workable days a year in the open sea for traditional building-methods is not more than 10, a design, based upon sea circumstances is necessery. That will say, a design, whereby the construction as complete as possibe is made on a sheltered building place and the operation time at sea is short.

Datum rapport
1 januari 1971
J.F. Agema; Department of Water Control and Public Works, Harbour Mounths Division, J.C. Slagter; Department of Water Control and Public Works, Locks and Weirs Directorate = Ministerie van Verkeer en Waterstaat, Rijkswaterstaat, Directie Sluizen en Stuwen
8 p. 
ill., fig.