Fulmar Litter Monitoring in the Netherlands – Update 2022

Marine debris has serious economic and ecological consequences. Economic impacts are most severe for coastal communities, tourism, shipping and fisheries. Marine wildlife suffers from entanglement and ingestion of debris, with micro-particles potentially affecting marine food chains up to the level of human consumers.
This report adds new data for year 2022 to the previous report (Kühn et al. 2022a). A total of 76 fulmar corpses were collected, of which 66 were suitable for monitoring.

Bittner, O., Franeker, J.A. van, Kühn, S., Meijboom, A.
Wageningen Marine Research (WMR) ; Wageningen University & Research (WUR)
Commissioned by Rijkswaterstaat Water, Traffic and Living Environment RWS-WVL (RWS, WVL)
WMR report C039 ; RWS, CIV report BM 23.14