The EU playing field for Circular Infrastructure : Mapped EU activities 2019-2024 and priorities for Rijkswaterstaat

The Netherlands wants to be a circular economy by 2050. This is a major ambition to which Rijkswaterstaat contributes by realising working in a climate and neutral way by 2030. The Rijkswaterstaat-wide Impulse Program for a Circular Economy was set up to give an impulse to this transition. It also supports the implementation of the Strategy Towards Climate Neutral and Circular Public Infrastructure Projects by 2030, which Rijkswaterstaat has developed together
with the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management (IenW) and railway manager ProRail. Rijkswaterstaat aims to strengthen its international commitment for circular infrastructure and take advantage of its frontrunning position by anticipating EU Circular Economy developments. Rijkswaterstaat therefore asked SGS INTRON to map out the EU circular infrastructure playing field, identify impactful opportunities to engage with in relation to the Rijkswaterstaat goals, suggest priorities and outline possible actions.
A project team of experts from Rijkswaterstaat and SGS INTRON cooperated to draw up this report. The results are meant for Rijkswaterstaat project team members and their colleagues who are active on the various EU dossiers. The information and suggestions in this report can be helpful for their activities in the coming years.

Datum rapport
1 augustus 2020
Commissioned by Rijkswaterstaat
SGS INTRON project number A116140