The study of the motion of sea-going vessels under the influence of waves, wind and currents, in order to determine the minimum depth required in port approaches and along offshore berthing structures for tankers and ore-carriers

When introducing a statistical consideration, for each possible depth of the fairway or berthing site of channels a probability or chance can be determined when it will be not safe for tankers of a certain size to make use of it. When comparing the losses due to these delays with the extra costs required for obtaining a greater depth, a decision can be made about the criterion to be adopted. In this paper the author's will confine themselves to the statistical and hydraulic aspects and discuss a method of deriving the relation between a certain depth and the risk of unsafely.

Datum rapport
1 januari 1967
J.F. Agema; [Ministerie van Verkeer en Waterstaat], Rijkswaterstaat, Arrondissement Rotterdamse Waterweg, P. Koppenol; Bataafse Internationale Petroleum Maatschappij, H.M. Oudshoorn, J.N. Svasek; Rijkswaterstaat Deltadienst, W.A. Swaan; Neth. Ship Mo...
19 p.
ill., fig., graf.
Rapport (DD) K-158
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