Development of sixth generation model schematisation 3D D-Water Quality Veerse Meer : model set-up and calibration

Recent water quality problems in the Veerse Meer have renewed efforts to develop modelling tools for the lake. In the context of setting up the new sixth-generation models for Rijkswaterstaat, a 3D D-Water Quality model of the Veerse Meer including eutrophication parameters, dissolved oxygen, and related water quality processes has been developed.
During this first phase of model development an initial water quality model was set up with the purposes of contributing to understanding of the system dynamics and biochemical processes which underly system functioning in the Veerse Meer. The model schematisation uses the latest advances in online coupling to the D-HYDRO hydrodynamic model and shares the same geometry. Two full years (2011-2012) of observations were used for initial calibration of the model parameters.

Datum rapport
22 december 2021
Buckman, L., Heijden, L. van der, Nolte, A.
Deltares. In opdracht van Rijkswaterstaat, Water Verkeer en Leefomgeving (RWS, WVL)
11206811-002-ZKS-0003 Projectnummer: 11206811-002