Analyzing the value chains of electric vehicle batteries: Comparing the United States and Europe and giving international collaboration perspectives for the battery supply chain

This report analyzes and compares the value chains of EV batteries for two global regions: Europe and United States. These two make a valuable case study because of three main reasons:
1. They have a comparatively developed EV market share and infrastructure
2. They share similar political climates to advance this transition
3. They both have vulnerable supply chains to meet these goals

In extension of the value chains comparison, a list of recommendations is presented with international collaboration perspectives. This report contains additional field information from a field interviews to California during November 2022. Considering the fact that California and the Netherlands are leading economies for EVs, these findings are considered rather valuable.

Datum rapport
27 februari 2023
Rijkswaterstaat Water, Verkeer en Leefomgeving (RWS, WVL)